Watch This: Dog Mistaken As a Lion Prompts 911 Calls [VIDEO]

What’s a little lion cub doing roaming the streets of Norfolk, Virginia? You’re not looking at a lion cub but rather Charles the Monarch, a Labrador-poodle mix owned by Daniel Painter. He told The Virginian-Pilot newspaper that he had Charles the Monarch groomed to look like Old Dominion University’s mascot.

Unfortunately for a few residents in Norfolk, Charles the Monarch looked too much like a real lion cub. Two people called 911 to report a “baby lion” on the loose and were worried that it escaped from the zoo. News of the so-called “baby lion” sightings went viral this week so Charles the Monarch may be one of America’s most talked about dogs at the moment.

Watch Charles the Monarch dance with the manager of a Norfolk pizza joint in the viral YouTube video below:

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