World’s Best Sign Flipper is $7 an Hour Worth of Awesome [VIDEO]

I thank Mohammad every day that, growing up, my passion was in writing and not in sign flipping. But then again, the culmination of my years of writing has brought me to this point, where I am covering a viral video of a sign flipper, so what the hell do I know?

If you are going to cover a video of a sign flipper though, umm boy, this is the video to cover. Not only does this guy flip the shit out of this sign, but the video has cool music and a special robot-dancing appearance by a guy who is somehow even skeezier than the sign flipper himself. Incredibly, the tandem of these two guys, who look like they should be selling me my meth, is one of the most potent dancer/sign flipper crews I’ve ever had the privilege of reviewing. Their act is harder than my erection more than four hours after I take Cialis (hmm, maybe I should consult my doctor) and more fluid than my grandpa’s stools. These guys should be on “Detroit’s Got Talent,” not cluttering up my inbox. Dare I say we’ve found the guy who is going to rewrite the rules on sign flipping? Morpheus promised that one day there would come a being who could effectively convey an open house or a Subway sandwich chain better than anything we’d ever seen. Could this daring dreamer be “the One”? Or is it just another guy with a lot of time to kill and a dead end job with which to kill it?

See the reason I am being so negative is because this guy, with all his amazing talent, is actually one of the worst employees ever. He spends so much time flipping his goddamn sign that I never actually get to read it. And likely, neither does anyone else. Some poor company paid this dude to go be a signpost for a few bucks an hour and steer some business their way, not audition for whatever the crackhead version Cirque du Soleil is.



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