YouTube Capture App Updates With 1080p Video Quality, Improved Sharing Capabilities

Just one day after Twitter entered the video-sharing game with its new Vine app, YouTube’s Capture, which lets users film and upload videos using their smartphones, is getting a major update.

In its initial release, Capture acted like a stripped-down video production software where users could edit videos, add a soundtrack, image stabilize, color correct and yes, remind you to rotate your phone so your video won’t suffer from “Vertical Video Syndrome.” The update fixes some bugs that were present in the initial release and offers 1080p high-definition picture quality. Also, the update improves feedback when you upload your video as well as let you share the finished product on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Even though numbers for the Capture app have not been released, a recent survey pointed out that nearly half of iPhone and iPad users have downloaded YouTube’s main app. An updated Capture app could be a strong competitor to Twitter’s new video-sharing venture.

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