YouTube Guitarist Turns Mario Theme Metal, Makes Satan Very Proud [VIDEO]

Super Mario is great as both a game and person. He’s an Italian plumber named Mario Mario who, for some reason, fights turtle monsters all for a princess who is deeply prone to being kidnapped. Talented actor Bob Hoskins once played him in the documentary “Super Mario Bros.” Also, he was named after a landlord who, I’m assuming, was also fond of shooting fire and turning into a raccoon.

That being said, Mario has always lacked that hard edge shared by his video game compatriots Sonic, Link and Guybrush Threepwood. While many have tried to toughen up Mario’s dough-like persona, few have succeeded. That is until YouTube guitarist Eric Calderone came in and melted our goddamn faces off.

Shredding a battle-axe in only the way a man with hair that long can, Calderone takes Super Mario’s various classic anthems and tunes them in the key of a million black dragons crushing a million unicorns.

It’s Beelzebub-approved.


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