YouTube To Improve Its ‘Guide’ Feature In Upcoming Interface Update

YouTube’s latest interface update will make sure you never forget to watch the latest uploads from your favorite creators again.

The video-streaming site lets viewers keep track of their subscriptions through their Guide feature, which lists their favorite channels. Since YouTube added the Guide last year in beta, the number of new channel subscriptions per day doubled, and the feature is now available for every YouTube user.

However, when a user clicks on their favorite channel on the Guide, it doesn’t redirect them to the channel page. Instead, it directs them to a plain news feed.

An upcoming update will redirect users who click on channels on their Guide directly to the channels’ page. This would help creators interact with their fans in a simplified manner.

In a message to content creators, YouTube’s A.J. Crane discusses the new interface on the Creator blog: “New channels will also give you more flexibility around how you organize your content, a more personalized experience for your visitors and, most importantly, a consistent experience across all platforms – TV, mobile, tablet and desktop. This will allow subscribers to access your channel page seamlessly, as you have designed it, from any page on YouTube on any app.”

In the meantime, Crane asks YouTube content creators to refrain from branding changes until the layout is updated in the next few weeks.

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