YouTube To Shut Down Its YouTube Create Program For Third-Party Apps

YouTube is shutting down its YouTube Create program after nearly two years of operation, according to GigaOm. This means that third-party apps wishing to take advantage of YouTube’s application programming interface (API) will have to look elsewhere for guidance.

When YouTube launched YouTube Create in 2011, the company described how it works in a post promoting its launch: “The third-party application runs in an HTML iframe on YouTube. The user creates a video with the application, and then the application uploads the video to YouTube for the user to watch and share.”

Many of the third-party apps that use YouTube Create are video editors like Magisto and GoAnimate. Now that YouTube has built and expanded its own editing features on the site, it looks like the video-sharing site won’t need third-party apps to fill in the gaps. You can expect YouTube to hold a tight grip on its API in the future, much like what Twitter has done with its third-party apps last year.

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