YouTube’s Ad Blitz Wants You To Vote For Best SuperBowl Ads [VIDEO]

While brawny he-man types like myself will be getting drunk and pissing out four gallons of beer during halftime on Super Bowl Sunday, ladyboys everywhere will doubtlessly be tuning in to YouTube to vote for their favorite commercial. Why will they do this, you ask? I don’t know really, but they can help some fat-cat advertising company win a tiny trophy.

YouTube’s Ad Blitz — a channel dedicated to stealing viewers away to the internet on the biggest TV day of the year (very crafty, internet) wants you to jump on before/during/after halftime of the Super Bowl and cast your vote for the funniest/best commercial of the day. According to internet rapper/funnyman DeStorm Power, who is apparently the spokesman for Ad Blitz, the most popular commercial will then win the official “Ad Blitz trophy.”

I can’t yet guess whether my vote will be for Volkswagen’s “racist” ad (if that one even runs), some Doritos clap-trap, or another Pepsi-with-musicians-nobody-cares-about ad (choice of a new generation, my ass). Probably it will be none of them. One thing is for sure — ain’t nobody voting for GoDaddy and their tired-ass fake nudity ads. Tits or GTFO, GoDaddy.

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