2 Girls Gobbling Japanese ‘Condom Ice Cream’ is Sexy, Disgusting [Video]



I’ve seen some pretty sexy stuff on the internet, but also some pretty disgusting stuff. This video falls smack dab in the middle between the two — which is right in my wheelhouse.

Apparently actually called “Egg Ice Cream,” the frozen treat comes (*cough) out of the wrapper shaped like a condom. Like, exactly like a godd*mn condom. And I’m pretty sure Japanese people have condoms, so they can’t act all innocent on this one.

Further, the directions are simple: Snip the reservoir tip off the treat (wrapped in a meaty, p*nis-y, condom-like rubber sheath) and begin enjoying the goodness within. Only, when you snip the tip, the suckable stuff comes out in great messy white spurts getting all over the girl’s faces, their bodies and their computer. Ice cream like this should be borderline illegal — that’s how crazy filthy and perverse this whole event is. I assure you, I am not complaining. I just think certain desserts (also those really big popsicles … you know the ones) should come with an 18 & older rating to keep everyone on the up and up.

Like it or not, the girls, Sharla and Mira, who are comely transfer students at a Japanese University, have just made my “list.” Lets just say that if stills from this video were printed on paper, I would hide the paper in the woods and visit it often.   

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