20 Saddest #SingleAwarenessDay Tweets To Put A Pep In Your Step

Let’s face it, you’re single on Valentine’s Day … again. You have no honey, no plus one to share a candle light dinner with, no special person to have special time with. It’s just you and a bucket of cookie dough snuggling on the couch watching reruns of “Full House” late into the night. Nothing to be ashamed of, my fine friend; it happens. And while you are celebrating what has now become known as Single Awareness Day, in your own quiet manner, take a look at how the other singles in the world are celebrating their special day. It seems this holiday dedicated to celebrating the couple you’re not a part of has brought out the good, the bad and the ugly parts of men and women worldwide. Trust me, after reading through these #singleawarenessday tweets, suddenly your life won’t be looking so bad.