5 Blunt Truths That Will Help You Survive in ‘New Media Hollywood’

4. Attractive women will always have a leg up. Yes, I said it.


I hate this truth the most, but whoever disagrees with this is lying to themselves. The entertainment industry is superficial and male-dominated. I don’t even need to be telling you this myself as just another man: just look at Victoria Secret model Cameron Russell’s latest TED Talk video on how one becomes a successful model.

The truth is, “beauty” as it is perceived by society goes a long way not only in entertainment, but also life in general. This doesn’t mean that every single hot chick in this industry will be super successful, but it also doesn’t mean that they don’t get the head start most people would desire in this industry. Just to prove my point going back to digital media, the next time you get on Instagram, look at all the girls you see putting up half naked pictures of themselves with hashtags #longlegs, #underwear, #lingerie, #cleavage (these are all hashtags I’ve seen; they are not made up), then see how many followers they have. If you want to talk about YouTube, look at model Melanie Iglesias’ channel; it’s made up of mostly stop-motion videos of her dancing in her underwear, and yet she’s garnered over 24 million total channel views.

5. The people you network with will always think about how you can benefit them in some way.


Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who is able to befriend a very generous person, let’s be real here: Most of the influential people you want to work with in any industry live fast-paced lives and have ridiculous schedules. Getting the attention of a big time YouTuber or industry executive for a collaboration or business opportunity is tough. We all know how cutthroat the entertainment industry is. If you want to stand out amongst all the people who spam power players via email or Twitter, think about what you can offer first. At the end of the day, everyone in this industry is a business, and no one cares about how good of a person you are or how passionate you are about your craft. If your content cannot sell or complement anyone else’s content in a way that helps it sell, then you won’t be grabbing anyone’s attention.

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