5 Million Views For Goats Screaming Like Humans — Totally Worth It [VIDEO]



For anyone who reads NMR with any regularity, you already know that goats screaming like humans is just about my favorite thing ever. Well guess what? Somebody made a goats-screaming-like-humans super-compilation. It must be my motherfuckin’ birthday.

Granted, it’s a hodgepodge of sheeps and goats, so commenters can skip the taxonomy lesson, but I think we can all agree: when drunk, there is nothing funnier. The 5 million plus people who have watched this vid so far can’t be wrong: Goats, you are not people!

Of course, YouTube whiners also like to get overly technical and point out that some of the videos are fake. I think these troglodytes are missing the beautiful higher concept behind a barn animal emoting like a human, and that is: Goats, you are not people!

Now, being a connoisseur of vintage screaming goat/sheep videos I’d seen most of these in some facet (except for the brilliant one at 1:24. I won’t ruin the delight, but the damn thing screams!) It is fascinating how well a compilation holds up — somehow, this is just one of those things that doesn’t get old. Unlike the damn Harlem Shake.

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