5 Must-Have Items To Get You Vlogging On A Budget

Gone are the days where you could use that ball-like webcam of yours, speak your mind and ignore the fact that the footage turned out dark and grainy.

Nowadays, vloggers are held to a higher standard and generally speaking, the most prominent vloggers have state-of-the-art equipment that produces semi-cinematic quality footage.

You may wonder, how can I start vlogging if I don’t have the same amount of cash as these bonafide YouTube stars? Believe it or not, it doesn’t take an arm and a leg to start vlogging professionally. Here are some products you should look into when vlogging on the cheap.

Canon Powershot S110 – $379.00


It may fit in your pocket, but don’t judge this camera’s abilities based on its size. The Canon Powershot S110 shoots in 1080p HD quality with 5x Optical Zoom and a 24mm wide-angle lens. Aside from just shooting for vlogs, the Canon Powershot S110 also has customized shooting modes that let you playback clips and delete unwanted ones.

Sony Bloggie Live – $239.00


If you don’t have $379 to spend on a Canon Powershot, this Sony camera also shoots in 1080p HD. Unlike the Powershot, the Sony Bloggie Live has built in wi-fi so you can stream your vlog live if need be. Along with its HD-quality shots, the wi-fi capabilities make this a great value camera for the frugal vlogger.

72-inch Tripod – $18.95


A tripod is important when vlogging to keep the camera stable, so this item from Amazon will get the job done with your DSLR camera, Canon Powershot or Sony Bloggie Live.

Fotodiox Pro Octagon Softbox – $56.95


If natural light at your home or office doesn’t help with filming your vlog, you’ll need some special lighting to make sure what you are filming is visible. Softboxes are an affordable, simple way to get light in your shot.

Editing Software – $14.99 and up


Now that you’re done looking at which equipment you need to vlog on the cheap, the most important thing of all is making sure the final product gets edited. If you already have a Macbook or Mac computer, you can download iMovie for $14.99, but ideally you should use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro for your video editing needs, though they may be prohibitively expensive. If you’re looking for student discounts for Adobe Premiere Pro, click here.