5 Second Films Has A Love Compilation For A Hilariously Romantic Valentine’s Day [VIDEO]



For those of you who do everything in five second bursts — even love (*cough), this new love compilation from 5 Second Films has just popped up (*cough again) in time for Valentine’s Day.

While several of these quick-hitting bits are on the dirty side of things, all of them speak to the higher truth that is romance. And that’s something we can all get behind — even if you’re alone and sobbing into your laptop with a belly full of sleeping pills while watching this vid.

Personally, I think all of the submissions on YouTube from 5 Second Films should come in compilation form. What better way to feel productive than to watch 50 short films in the time it takes you to heat a burrito?

Now that they’ve tackled love, I just need them come up with a series of short videos to explain why it burns when you pee after you spent a lovely Valentine’s Day evening with me. Wink.

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