5 Things That ‘Suck’ About Being a YouTuber [Guest Post]

1. Being a successful YouTuber will interfere with your professional life


I’m sure there are Youtube personalities out there that manage both a professional career and a popular YouTube channel, but for the most part what I’ve seen is that successful YouTubers will not be able to hold a “real job” — at least not a full-time one. Freelancers and nurses with many free days seem to be the best at juggling their YouTube obligations, as are students and part-time workers.

But let’s be honest: Most people will not choose a 9-5 when you can literally make your own schedule every day of the week. Whether you specialize in making cute animal videos or dancing around in underwear a la Melanie Iglesias, your YouTube channel will take up a lot of your time. Perhaps not as much as a traditional job, but it may be hard for you to balance real life employment and the obligations of your YouTube Channel.

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