5 Things That ‘Suck’ About Being a YouTuber [Guest Post]

3. You’ll probably have to network


I hate networking. There, I’ve said it. I used to think it felt so inauthentic. I think like most people from the outside looking in I thought networking was about getting to know everyone. But when you observe true networkers, you realize they’re just fantastic relationship builders.  Because the truth is if someone doesn’t really know or like you — good luck getting anything you may want or need from them, and vice versa. It’s better to go to a conference and befriend one single person you genuinely like and have an interest in meeting than to aimlessly pass out your business card to anything with a heartbeat. Networking doesn’t need to be self-serving. Focus on your personal relationship first, and put the business one second. Be authentic in your connections, and focus on how you can help others versus how they can help you.

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