5 Things That ‘Suck’ About Being a YouTuber [Guest Post]

4. (Many) Companies won’t take you seriously


As large companies recognize the impact of social media and online video, they’re moving towards an interactive approach that includes bloggers and outreach programs. I was watching a webinar recently where one of the slides literally said, “Bloggers are people too.” At this, everyone in the room laughed. Admittedly I did as well but the truth is many people don’t take bloggers or YouTubers very seriously, yet they call them glorified things like “niche authorities” and “influencers.” One of the largest brands I worked with gave me a hard script to stick to — I hated it, but I was so eager to work with a household name that I took it anyways. To this day that was one of my least favorite videos, and I never again let a company dictate the content of my videos for their product.

So stand your ground (but don’t be a diva!). If a company is being unreasonable, let them know. Many companies fail to realize that  most YouTubers have been forced to become fairly business savvy. They may not be aware of all the fancy marketing terms or “best practices,” but we understand our channels and brand enough to know it has value. Don’t think about how you can help a company exploit your channel to promote its products; emphasize what value a company’s products can give to your viewers — and everyone wins.

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