5 Things That ‘Suck’ About Being a YouTuber [Guest Post]

5. Your relationship with your subject will change


No matter your niche, your relationship with the content of your videos changes. This doesn’t mean a bad change, but it will be different. Many fashion bloggers have happily walked away from the corporate world after realizing their passion (and prowess) lies in something that makes them happy, even if it is an unconventional fashion blog. Others will feel a strange obligation to their channel that has somehow lost its passion along the way. Put a business or professional aspect into your work, and it can either inspire or destroy it. The larger your channel gets, the more it will feel like a business. At times it can make you feel proud, warm and fuzzy on the inside, but I know many creators who have nearly walked away from their channels entirely. The mental and emotional baggage and constant feeling that you’re being held to some expectation of who you are can be overwhelming. So take a mental respite once in a while, sit back from furiously answering comments for a few days, and block out the people who have already decided to not like you anyway. Be proud of everything you do, and focus on creating a meaningful experience for your viewer to walk away with.

Jackie Chu is a YouTube Beauty Guru currently signed under the StyleHaul network. Her channel currently has over 11 million total channel views.

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