Kim Jong-Un Looking Literally Unbelievable: 5 Awesomely Useless Tumblrs You Should Follow

There are a few Tumblrs out there that are so fascinating and fun that we forget how impractical they are in real life. Here’s five of the most useless, yet cool Tumblrs that you must check out.

Kim Jong-Un Looking At Things

Like father, like son. While the insanely popular “Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things” Tumblr ran its course last month after its owner exhausted every photo imaginable of the late dear leader, another blogger is keeping this dynasty alive with interesting photos of the new North Korean leader going around, and, yes, looking at things.

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

Can you fit a stack of poker chips into a can of toothpicks? Yes you can. In fact, this Tumblr points out some of the many household items and unusual products that fit into other things. Not that we need to know about it to survive the apocalypse, but they sure make for some interesting icebreakers.

Literally Unbelievable

Don’t tell these people featured on this Tumblr that the Onion is a fake news source. If we told them, then we wouldn’t have people hilariously overreacting about Kim Jong Un being the first man from North Korea or that “abortionplex” that’s under construction.

Fake Science

These facts may not help you ace your physics exam, but they sure can give you a laugh. Fake Science makes science less confusing by just making stuff up along the way with hilarious results.

Completely Useless, But Entertaining Facts

Did you know that pearls melt in vinegar? We didn’t know that either, but if you’re looking for a Tumblr that just gives you some impractical tidbits that you can “impress” your friends with at the next party, then check out “Completely Useless, But Entertaining Facts.”

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