6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your YouTube Sweetheart

Dating a YouTuber can be incredibly challenging. They are constantly Instagramming their dessert on all of your dates, editing into the wee hours of the night, making your embarrassing stories into a video. But what can you do? They are the peanut butter to your jam. The first mate to your pirate ship. The tick to your tock. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I have compiled the perfect list of romantic — and practical — accessories for your special YouTuber. Known around the office as the “Doctor of Love” — that’s not true but I’m hoping someone will start calling me that soon — I am here with the sole purpose of keeping your relationship spark alive. And while I can’t change the amount of time it takes them to edit their videos, I can guarantee that with the gifts below, you won’t ever be far from their thoughts. So kick those chocolates and dead looking flowers to the curb, and get them something they’ll never forget! All I can say is: You’re welcome.

1. Head Strap With Camera Mount

Tired of having to hold your own hand while your YouTuber is busily filming or checking their phones? By mounting a camera atop this strap, everyone’s hands are free for “other” activities. (*wink wink)

2. External Storage Drive

So a storage drive might not be as romantic as say a hot air balloon ride or being serenaded by a saxophone player over a candlelight dinner, but trust me, in the world of YouTube, it’s backup or breakdown. This device eliminates any chance of you being woken up at 3 a.m. by the screams of your YouTuber discovering they’ve lost three months of content. I repeat: backup or breakdown.

3. A Personal Scribe

About three times each day I think, “Man, I wish I had a personal scribe to jot down my ideas so I don’t forget them.” YouTubers are constantly creating, and they spend their days constantly scribbling ideas in notebooks that in the end always get lost. With a personal scribe at their side, your YouTuber will no longer have to interrupt your dinner dates by scavenging for a napkin to write down their video idea about dancing vegetables before they forget.

4. e-Holster vest

The vest with a thousand pockets not only holds their camera, iPhone, tripod, notepad, pens, telescope and release waivers but also makes their cool factor go up ten fold. There are few things that scream “swag” louder than a vest holding all of your possessions.

5. Hand iPhone Case

Creating a successful YouTube channel can be incredibly time consuming. With your special person out filming all day, you two can go days without seeing each other. While a phone case with a picture of the two of you would be too much, a mold of your hand attached is just right. That way, even on the busiest days, they are always carrying around a sweet reminder of you.

6. YouTube Jewelry

And for the ladies, a little YouTube bling is just the right amount of creativity and traditional Valentine’s character. Nothing will get others’ attention quite like a bedazzled YouTube necklace dangling from your lady friend’s neck.

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