700,000 Tune in To Watch Toddler Grab the Moon on YouTube [VIDEO]



There is one thing on this planet that is cuter than cute little kids doing cute things: chimpanzee riding on a segway. But man oh man does this little two-year-old named Kayla give that segway riding bastard a run for his money.

Uploaded by her dad, this video of little Kayla’s repeated jumps in a futile attempt to conquer the moon demonstrates a textbook maneuver on how to turn your child into a viral cash cow.

And sure, we all laugh at how Kayla’s reach exceeds her grasp, but what if she had done it? What if she had grabbed the moon and stole it right out of the sky? Tidal patterns would be thrown off, sea life would beach itself en masse, hurricanes would consume the eastern seaboard and terrifying Cthulhu, gobbler of souls, would rise to feast on the good and evil alike.

So yeah, you see a sweet video of a child not comprehending reality — I see the people of Earth getting to live one more day.