‘Abortion Battles’ is Controversial New ‘Fetus-Killing’ Game [VIDEO]



So the first brilliant new social game of 2013 has just hit the scene.

“Abortion Battles” is the title people are currently using, although there will probably be some monkeying around with that a la Beirut/Beer Pong. But unlike Beirut/Beer Pong, “Abortion Battles” is attracting a shitstorm of controversy.

The game emerged into the public consciousness as a result of a video posted to YouTube (since removed) entitled “Chaz’s 20th B-day At Hunter College” which shows a male student attempting to pop a balloon stuffed under another boy’s shirt with a fork (presumably one of the boys is “Chaz,” but that could just be a really beloved fork). In the background, students are heard to yell, “Kill the Baby.”

Obviously, the anti-abortion pundits are up in arms about this and doubtlessly saying shit like “If that’s the kind of thing that goes on at Hunter College, they can forget about me sending MY unaborted child there.”

While abortion is certainly a touchy subject, I think that the outrage over this is laughably shameful. These are not actual abortions, this is not some sort of training tutorial for actual abortions. This has nothing to do with actual abortions other than co-opting the name “abortion” into the title of the game. Which might soon be changing. I think “Fetus Forker” has a more dynamic ring to it.

If anyone should be outraged, it should be Chaz’s mother — he likely now has fork holes in what was a perfectly good shirt.