‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!’ Meme Lady Stars in New Dentistry Commercial [VIDEO]


There is a beautiful moment in every meme’s life when they realize they have “cache,” and yet, no discernible “talent.” And, usually, everything they do in that moment is tragic and hilarious.

Sweet Brown” the shit-toothed lady who came to prominence last year with her instantly identifiable catchphrase “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” is having just such a moment. Like little Bart Simpson who exhausted fame with his “I didn’t do it” line in that one episode of “The Simpsons” back when they were still funny, “Sweet Brown” is now doomed to say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” well past its expiration date. Of course, there are fates far worse than getting paid cash money to say something stupid. You could have to write about these people ….

Some area dentist has obtained Ms. “Brown’s” services (God, you know it wasn’t for a lot of money either … and I’ll bet she put the check into her bra), apparently choosing to not address the fact that her wretched nightmare teeth make her a suitable “before” candidate but a horrible representative overall for a dental office.

“Sweet Brown” has now entered “Fame Hell” where very few people climb upwards out of the burning pit of desperation. Hopefully she doesn’t have to share a hot coal with that “David After Dentist” kid.

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