‘Animashups’ is First Show on Adam Carolla’s New VPN YouTube Channel [VIDEO]


Like finding a ginormous sack of undiluted Bogotá cocaine forgotten on the floor of a Denny’s restroom, “ANiMASHUPS,” the just-released first offering from Adam Carolla and co.’s new YouTube channel, VPN (Video Podcast Network if you’re from east of the 818), is a gem inside a bigger gem.Adam Carolla puts the release of the new show even more succintly: “Suck it Dora the Explorer, if that is even your real name.” It lacks some of the grace of a fine cocaine metaphor, but then he’s not the one in rehab I guess.“ANiMASHUPS,” a show that combines animation and comedy in a way we haven’t seen since “The Simpsons,” circa 1998, features a short, sweet initial episode in which Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time, Adam Carolla and Alison Rosen sit around a table in animated form and discuss … well … appropriately food. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it turns out Canadians eat Bear Pie (I ate a bit of that when I was in college).

“MJ,” the mysteriously named Director Of Animation for VPN, gave us the standard generic quote about how happy everyone is to be a part of the … zzz … but I am going to print it anyway because I am an agreeable sort:

“Everyone here at Video Podcast Network is really excited about ANiMASHUPS. We’re so grateful to our Podcasters for giving us access to a wealth of such hilarious material, and the awesome animators we are reaching out to share in our enthusiasm. We hope VPN’s ANiMASHUPS will be the go-to place on YouTube to check out fresh, experimental animation paired with comedic voices you know and love. Podcasts and Animation go together like Peanut Butter and Chocolate (sic): expect some sweet stuff!”

I did like that peanut butter and chocolate reference, but when will an executive break from the ranks and give us the dirt about someone on the cast having both sets of genitals? While Carolla is only going to be featured in one out of every three episodes of “ANiMASHUPS,” there is a strongly talented cast of funny folk over at VPN, so be sure to tune in to this and their other doubtlessly fine programs.

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