Autism Speaks Premieres ‘I Want To Say’ Documentary on YouTube [VIDEO]

Autism Speaks, an advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness of disorders in the autism spectrum and funding research for possible treatments, is premiering its documentary “I Want To Say” for the first time on YouTube today. The documentary focuses on how technology is improving the lives of children who suffer from the developmental disorder.

The organization used space on YouTube’s official blog to talk about their 27-minute documentary which Alison Dyer, social marketing manager at Autism Speaks, says is “about technology and hope.”

She adds: “This documentary is part of our Hacking Autism initiative to facilitate and accelerate technology-based ideas to help give those with autism a voice. Technology is radically remaking the world of autism. It is creating opportunities for those with autism to find their passion, develop their skills and eventually compete for jobs.”

“I Want To Say” made its premiere in San Francisco and Austin, Texas back in May and was largely limited to screenings in smaller theaters before today’s YouTube debut.

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