Badass Russian Bus Driver ‘The Punisher’ Rams Cars That Cut Him Off [VIDEO]


Like a highlight reel from “Jaws” (all that’s missing is the ominous music), this mad Russian bus driver deals beautiful “car”-ma (jesus, I told myself I wasn’t going to make this joke) to anybody who cuts him off.

In what is unquestionably the best clip currently blistering this sweet web of ours, time and time again we bear witness to the sweet fruit of obnoxious drivers getting their just desserts. This bus driver actually speeds up to crash into idiot-driven vehicles. Because I live in L.A. County and work in South Orange County (ooh big hint to would-be stalkers) I spend something like three hours on the road every day during my commute (I know, what the hell am I thinking?). And during that time, on a daily basis, I see a mess of shit driving. Little did I know the secret was to become a municipal employee and drive a giant, government-issue ramming machine.

I have so many more questions than this video answers, such as “Why is this guy still allowed to drive a bus?” and “How can I buy him the world’s largest mug of beer?” Fuck Superman, Batman and Jesus — let this guy be the only “superhero” you need.

If I had a majority vote, this sweet asshole would be the next pope. This guy is so hardcore he’s even apparently been named “The Punisher” (likely the name given at birth), but that seems to be all that is known so far. Roll on, mysterious stranger, roll on!

All I can offer you for your additional viewing pleasure that is even comparable is this awesome hitchhiker who killed a guy with a hatchet.           

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