‘Bang With Friends’ Creator Makes Hooking Up Way Easier on Facebook [INTERVIEW]

Every once in a while something so brilliant comes along that it completely changes the way we as humans live/think/breath. The printing press, vaccinations, bisexual college girls and the internet were some of man’s most useful, and life-altering, inventions. And yet, none of them has shit on Bang With Friends. A site whose current sole existence is to shed the mystery of which of your Facebook friends is DTF, Bang With Friends allows you to select people that you want to get jiggy with on your “Friends” page. If the selected friend also selects you, a connection is made and you both receive a message. After that, it’s up to one of you to reach out and start bumping uglies. Welcome to dating, social media style.

The three college guys who started the quickly-becoming-a-necessity site have chosen to keep low and anonymous for the time being, preferring to let their brainchild speak for itself. But that doesn’t mean they won’t give us all a tiny peek behind the curtain. Adopting the “Deep Throat-ish” moniker of “C,” one of the founders of Bang With Friends reached out to answer a few of NMR’s questions, email-style.

Approximately how many people are enrolled in your app thus far, and do you know the “success rate” numbers?

We have 260,000 registered users and over 24,000 people have found a match — in just eight days!

Did this app in fact come out of one of you wanting to bang your friends, and if so, has that been successful?

Yes, we’ve definitely thought about it! And it’s worked for one of our friends already.

So far you have maintained anonymity — is there a point or condition at which you would reveal yourselves, or will that never happen?

We may reveal our identities, but for now we’re staying anonymous. First, the sheer number of bang requests to us would explode the internetz. Second, we need to make sure we have everything in order before the unmasking.

Critics claim that your site strips away verbal communication — how do you respond to those people?

We actually help people open up that communication that can be difficult to do. Plus, couples still need to message and meet to get it on.

Okay, so I’ve gone through and clicked on all the people I want to connect with (bow chicka wow wow); now am I stuck playing the waiting game, or is there a way to discreetly get your app to them?

We’re working on more ways to get the message to your friends. Right now you can send them a Facebook invite that is lighthearted and innocent — just invite a healthy mix of friends who you want to bang and others so it’s not obvious!

I noticed when I logged in it only suggested female Facebook friends for me to bang (and, curiously, one guy friend). What’s up with that, and is there a gay option available?

We just had our big gay launch today so that you can choose which genders to show! The unexpected guy friend is likely someone who doesn’t list their gender on Facebook.

Have you considered any other applications or uses for an app like this, or, right now, is it all about the banging?

People can use it for whatever hookups they want, but for now we are trying to get you from friend zone to friends with benefits as well as possible.

Have you had any backlash from moral crusaders saying this app, like AshleyMadison.com, is evil?

Countless emails and articles, mostly from people in denial on how relationships work for the younger generations.

Is there any plans to monetize this app, or was it created merely for the goodwill of “friend-zoned” people everywhere?

Right now we’re super focused on booty-smackin’ goodness for users everywhere, not making money.

Have you heard from Facebook about this, either positively or negatively?

Someone told us recently that Mark Zuckerberg has seen it, but we haven’t heard anything official from them. We’re adding a lot of value to Facebook and taking it back to it’s roots by not fighting human nature. I will say that they have initially denied the issue we raised concerning privacy controls, so it’s important for readers and users to tell them that we want to be able to choose who can see which apps we use on Facebook.

This app allows you to click on family members to potentially bang them. What if, uh, hypothetically-speaking, I click on a family member as a joke and I find out they want to bang me?

Then you’ve got bigger problems than using BWF! We hide family members that are marked as such in Facebook, so be sure to do that!

For those interested, you can check out the app at: http://www.bangwithfriends.com/

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