Top 5 YouTube Proposal Videos For Your Valentine’s Day Win [VIDEOS]


Man, I love holidays. You can just cherry-pick the low-hanging fruit and call it a day. Take this list for instance: I’m like, “Hmm, what are the best YouTube proposals of all time?” and YouTube of course has a ready-made list on their Spotlight page, because they want to work about as hard as I do today. So YouTube and I scratch each other’s backs and, of course, you’re like “BEST PROPOSAL LIST?! ON VALENTINE’S DAY?! OM NOM NOM!” And I sit back, dust my hands together and eat a heart-shaped pizza all by myself. Such is the circle of life.

These videos are both good and bad. They are good because they remind us that there is still a sense of chivalry and whimsy in this day and age. Romance finds a way (*“Jurassic Park” theme plays for some reason). These videos are bad because you and I are not a part of them. It is like finding out that fairy tales exist only to know that they happen only for the pretty girl and not you, the poor, chunky girl with saggy tits and chronic bad breath. Not even Quasimodo wanted to settle for the female version of him — he wanted the hot-ass Esmerelda.

But don’t despair: Just because you’ll likely have some dull sod with a mid-level job he hates take you to a moderately priced restaurant and then propose to you on one knee like most other girls on the planet, doesn’t mean you can’t watch these videos and be happy for these girls because they’re marrying beautiful dreamers. Look — statistically over half of the couples in these videos will wind up divorced. Lets you and I drink to that.

Movie Theatre Proposal



Lip Dub Proposal



Fall Off A Building Proposal



Downtown Disney Flash Mob Proposal



Military Proposal



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