Big Frame and DeStorm Launch Multi-Platform Urban Network

Los Angeles-based media company Big Frame has taken the whole New Year’s resolution thing deadly serious. While most folks are content with resolutions like “this year, I’ll lose a few pounds” or my personal goal, “bring back graverobbing,” Big Frame is shooting for something larger than weight loss and minor felonies.

Big Frame’s resolution for 2013: reinvent how YouTube networks produce, distribute and market digital content.

The network’s first step towards total YouTube domination started back in December, 2012 with the launch of Forefront, a multi-platform vertical network. Forefront was Big Frame’s first “vertical network,” which, for us marketing know-nothings, means a network built by Big Frame to help serve a specialized niche market. In the case of Forefront, that specialized market is the urban lifestyle.


Currently, Forefront hosts a variety of top-tier YouTube creators the likes of Karen Civil, Issa Rae and all around great dude DeStorm Power.

At a press event, I spoke with DeStorm about being the face and figurehead behind Forefront. Was he nervous? I mean, this is the web’s first multi-platform urban digital video initiative. As you may have guessed, in true cool-as-ice fashion, DeStorm told me, “Hook lost a leg. Tell them that. Tell them Hook lost a leg and he still was the captain of a ship. So no, I’m not nervous.” Speaking about the lack of urban-centric YouTube networks and channels, DeStorm said, “That’s what we are trying to change with Forefront, we are trying to show them that this will be funny, and powerful, and great.”

The goal behind the launch of ForeFront is this: Not only to become the premiere destination for video content related to music, entertainment and fashion but also to help new fans find the best urban content on the web.

In addition to a brand new YouTube channel, Forefront plans on expanding into a vertical network through its companion website Think of as the hub of the entire Forefront launch. The site features a blog with original written content, gateways to channels created by or under the Forefront umbrella, and even a merch store.

I told myself I was going to avoid using the phrase, but Forefront is only the start of the Big Frame’s Big Plans. I’m sorry about that. With two vertical multi-platform networks released and one in the works, Big Frame looks like they are set to usher in a new age of digital, multi-platform video entertainment.

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