Big Frame Launches Lifestyle Digital Community Wonderly — It’s For Girls!


Rachel Skidmore, general manager of Wonderly, describes the digital community she oversees as “Tumblr meets Etsy. It’s DIY your life.” While the self-described “place for innovative female creators” couldn’t be further out of my wheelhouse of knowledge, when visiting Wonderly that Tumblr-fueled-Etsy-twee vibe Skidmore mentioned shines through clear as day.

I’ve got to be honest — it took me a while to wrap my head around what Wonderly was really all about. The site itself, with its DIY charm, features a blog jam-packed with posts that range from one’s love-hate relationship with Nicholas Sparks to surprisingly honest essays that delve into concepts like fluid sexuality.

My first thought: “I’m in way over my head.”

Moving further through the site, I discovered additional fashion and lifestyle content in the form of recommended videos. Working as a vertical of YouTube network Big Frame, Wonderly currently features some of YouTube’s best and brightest female creators. Currently, Wonderly sports over 30 featured YouTube channels, including Laina, or as you may know her, “Overly Attached Girlfriend.”



It’s not all YouTube though, as Skidmore explains, “We find that we are cultivating curating through interesting voices that aren’t necessarily discovered by scouring YouTube.” The interactive community also features an impending mobile app and offline events. You know you’re dealing with a deadly serious internet crowd when things like concerts and book signings have to be qualified as “offline events.”

So here goes, my all-encompassing definition of Wonderly as I now know it: Wonderly seems to be all about creating within a young female community. From the monthly creative crowdsourced projects to the celebration of books, movies and pop culture, Wonderly has got the DIY creative lifestyle covered.

It’s not a totally new idea — a platform geared towards female creatives — but with Wonderly’s multi-tiered content and support from Big Frame, the site could easily be a serious contender in the densely populated lifestyle landscape.

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