Big Frame’s Sarah Penna Provides 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Signing Network Contract

penna-1NMR friend Sarah Penna, co-founder of Big Frame, is known to drop some sage advice from time to time, so when she does, we tend to take notice. Today she unleashed a windfall of crucial knowledge in the form of her “Anatomy of a YouTube Contract: 10 Questions To Ask Your Network.”

As Sarah points out right off the bat, there are a lot more than 10 questions you should be asking when you get involved in contracts, but such talking points as “Why are you joining a network?” and “Can I explain this contract to my mom” are good primer material in anticipation of your big day.

We don’t want to give too much away because the list is an important one that you should check out yourself. And it’s not just tips for newcomers — we are beginning to see a major shift in established creators either moving away from networks or hopping networks outright. As such, keeping a few solid pointers in your back pocket never hurts.

Just be sure to thank Big Frame when you avoid signing that lifetime contract with net-based commissions. That’s bad, btw.


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