‘Billy Madison’ Mashup Tears Apart Indiana Teacher’s Anti-Gay Rant [VIDEO]

One YouTube hard-rock/metal cover band from Massachusetts didn’t waste time trashing one Indiana teacher’s attempt to keep LGBT students from attending the local high school’s senior prom. The band F-Bomb posted this scathingly funny mashup of high school teacher Diana Medley’s television interview with the quiz scene from Adam Sandler’s “Billy Madison” on their channel.

In it, Medley says homosexuality is “offensive to us” and that “I don’t believe they were born that way. I think that life circumstances made them choose that. I think God made everybody equal.” After her rambling justification for banning gays from the prom, F-Bomb cuts to Billy Madison’s principal Mr. Oblanski’s epic response to the “insanely idiotic” answer. I have to agree with the principal and award Medley “no points and may God have mercy” on her soul.

Watch Mr. Oblanski tear apart Medley’s argument in shreds in the viral video below:

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