Bizarre Riot Rule #1: Don’t Bring Chairs to A Table Fight … Yup [VIDEO]



Normally I try and bring you a little clarity to our video highlights, but this one, simply titled “BeastModeCity” on YouTube, doesn’t give me a lot to work with. I’ve watched it about a dozen times now, and it seems like it is not the “ghetto dodgeball” game that most of the racist comments seem to claim it is (although several of the men are wearing matching shirts like they could be a uniform …). But what if it is? I’m ignorant enough as a person to believe that, because there are currently so few other clues.

A few of the women are dressed pretty skanky (check out the one in thigh-high pleather boots at the :18 second mark) so I don’t think it has anything to do with religion (unlike most wars). Also, there seems to be an exception-that-proves-the-rule token white guy thrown into the mix. What up wit dat? And why does the riot suddenly and calmly end only seconds after it seemingly began?

Dammit, I need answers. So anybody out there who has something better than “ghetto dodgeball,” will you please chime in?

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