British YouTube Singer’s Acoustic Rendition of R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition’ Goes Viral [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever listened to British YouTuber James Dalby do an acoustic version of a Killers or Blink-182 song, you might never have thought he’d do an acoustic rap or R&B cover.

But when Dalby uploaded his acoustic rendition of one of R. Kelly’s famous party hits, “Ignition (Remix)” the views went through the roof. His lively version of the song has been viewed more than 416,000 times in only three days. That’s more than the views of all his 43 other views combined.

Hear the British man croon R. Kelly in the viral video below. Speaking of white guys doing acoustic versions of rap and R&B songs, have you heard about YouTuber Jonathan Coulton’s beef with “Glee” over his “Baby Got Back” acoustic parody?