Calligraphy Vimeo Video Will Remove Almost All Of Your Homicidal Tendencies


Sometimes, whilst on the internet, you want to watch some real weird shit. Other times, you want to watch someone or something get blown up. There’s also cats, vlogs, skits, music videos, trailers, and of course, that real NSFW jumpoff. Bottom line: if you want it, the web has got it.

And in case you wanted to watch some mesmerizing calligraphy being done to classical music, well goddammit, the internet has just what el doctor ordered.

It sounds boring, this I know. But, say you’re having a rough day. Maybe your dog died or your house burnt down. Perhaps you just found out that Megan Fox is playing April O’Neil in the “TMNT” reboot. Before you go all Michael Douglas in “Falling Down,” sit back and soak in this brilliant sketchbook sequence.