Chin Up! Bullied YouTuber Says: ‘It Doesn’t Get Better, But You Do’ [VIDEO]

Cyberbullying has been a hot topic these days with every mother and child crying wolf at every mistweet and sassy Facebook message sent their way. Someone commented with a sad face in your photo comment? Cyberbullying. You didn’t get a FB invite for free coffee at Starbucks this Friday? Cyber bullying. Someone yelled at you on Twitter because you declared that you loved the new One Direction single? Well, in this case you just have bad taste.

I know, I know, cyberbullying is a huge problem. Just this week, 22-year-old professional tennis player Rebecca Marino announced that she would be quitting her sport after being cyberbullied on Twitter by fans that were telling her to “burn in hell” and “go die,” rather intense outcries within what is thought to be such a calm and refined sport. And as a defender against cyberbullying, YouTuber DarkSquidge took to the internet to share with viewers his life mantra that bullying doesn’t get better, but you do [Carly throws confetti into the air and begins high-fiving random strangers].

After watching DarkSquidge’s video testimony, I will say I was touched by his attempt to comfort others in his manic, fast-talking type way. Was I concerned by the comprehensive gun collection behind him? Sure but I try not to judge a man by his love of handguns and assault rifles. So sit back and listen to this YouTuber’s story of torment and triumph against the tortures of bullying, and know that life will get better … after you purchase a gun rack in your room.

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