Creator & Small Network Power: Where the YouTube Ecosystem is Going [GUEST POST]

Recently I  had the opportunity to help on the product development side for Video LC, a video SEO tool. In the process of my work with them, I did a bit of research in the YouTube SAAS market where I found nascent tools like Blayze and VidIQ growing alongside the industry.

It seems like online video, YouTube in particular, has become an attractive enough of an ecosystem for an additional layer of software to grow on top of it. And those software companies aren’t wrong. YouTube’s experiencing hockey-stick growth, serving over 3 billion hours of video per month, with a yearly view count in the trillions. A growing market attracts new players.


YouTube allowed the amateur to enter the entertainment world. Its model: self-serve software. It gives individual creators the tools and the power to manage their own stuff. These new tools have the same DIY spirit that YouTubers grew up on. This means that creators will have access to these tools at a marginal cost. It’s like having a team of five developers working for you while you pay them 20 bucks a month.

An emergence of tools like these highlights the Marc Andreessen thesis of “software eating the world.” Even in such a tech-based industry such as YouTube, there are still additional software layers are being built on top of it. The consequence of this software thesis is simple: democratization of technology due to lowered costs. This is good news for creators.

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