Creator Matt Enlow On Season 2 Of His Award Winning Series ‘Squaresville’ [INTERVIEW]


At this year’s IAWTV awards, web series “Squaresville” pulled off a YouTube hat trick. After taking home honors for best comedy series, best ensemble cast and best writing for a comedy series, it’s clear that “Squaresville,” is pushing the envelope for what can be done in terms of high-quality wonderfully scripted digital web shows.

The series, which follows best friends Esther and Zelda as they struggle for acceptance in a small town where being an individual comes with its own set of negative stigmas, has been hailed by USA Today as a “cool new web series.” Entertainment Weekly also placed the show on their “Must List” for February right below “The Walking Dead.” Needless to say, there are big expectations for season two of  “Squaresville,” which debuted last week with the help of YouTube network Big Frame.

We caught up with the writer and creator of “Squaresville,” Matt Enlow, just before the season two premiere. You can check out our video interview below and find out what Matt thinks of being an award-winning writer as well as his thoughts on scripted comedy’s place on YouTube.

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