Creator Patrick Scott Talks Machinima’s New F#@ked Up Web Series ‘Zoochosis’ [INTERVIEW]

You’ve probably already seen some of Patrick Scott’s videos. Combined, Scott’s two most viral videos, “Thanks, Smokey!” and “Escalator,” have been viewed over 22 million times. Now, taking his twisted vision to the next level, Scott has begun working with Machinima Prime to launch a brand new web series, “Zoochosis.”

Now on it’s third episode, “Zoochosis” might just be the strangest thing you’ve seen on the web lately (excluding basically everything on 4chan of course). Blending horror, sex and the absurd, “Zoochosis” chronicles those moments when, as humans, we walk that thin line between civilized humanity and feral passion. If all of that sounds nuts it’s because it is, trust me on this.

I talked with Scott recently to figure out what exactly the fuck was going on here. What kind of person creates “Zoochosis”? What does that even mean? Was he raised by wolves or something? I had more question than I had time for, but as you’ll see below, I did my best to get to the bottom of what “Zoochosis” is all about.

First off, how did “Zoochosis” and Machinima team up?

Patrick Scott: When “Save Miranda!” and “Thanks Smokey!” and “Escalator!” went viral, Zoochosis was approached by several different networks who wanted to team up. Machinima felt like the best choice because even though they never pretended to get exactly what we were doing, they always appreciated that we were different. Not just different from all the personality-driven and parody shows out there but different because we’re not gamers. I am however a huge science fiction and genre geek, and I could tell that Machinima was made up of people who were smart and liked movies and wanted to make movies better, and so I could see that they had a huge future ahead of them. You don’t show your confidence by just giving the audience what it wants and hitting the same target again and again. You branch out and take chances and show some chutzpah. Machinima wants better work on the web, and it’s a testament to their forward-thinking attitudes that they welcomed and supported “Zoochosis.”



“Zoochosis,” whether it is through shorts or the series, completely embraces the absurd — where does this twisted storytelling come from?

I did my undergrad and grad at CalArts and was always showing my work in film festivals like Sundance. If you look at my early work it’s all very “Zoochosis”; I just didn’t have a single place to showcase the films. Now I write and direct and edit everything at “Zoochosis” and that’s one of the reasons why the work is so singular. However from a production standpoint it’s the work of a huge army of incredibly talented craftspeople and administrators. Nikos Bellas and Ryan Nicholson are my partners in the company and produce the work and make sure “Zoochosis” runs as a business. They’ve gotten very efficient at turning the ambitious ideas I have into a reality and with this series of 100 actors and 40 locations and 200 digital effects shots — they’ve pulled off a miracle. Then there’s also my assistant Ashley Waldrop who is also the post production supervisor. Ashley is the most reliable person I’ve ever known. She moves from doing digital effects to transcribing melodies I whistle and then turning them into songs — she’s just a crucial part of the company, and so even though the work springs from one mind it is very much a team effort — it has to be to make movies that are this ambitious.

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