Curious About How THE INTERNET Works? Let ‘Pickle Davidson’ Rap It For You [VIDEO]



This is an older video that, like “Call Me Maybe,” is for some reason now just catching on. Of course, this video, called “THE INTERNET” is going viral for a slightly different reason.

I love when people say, “I did this for fun, don’t go hating on it,” like “Pickle” (not the first person allegedly named Pickle that I have heard of) does here. See, some people hate on things because they like to hate on things; I do it because it is my job to judge any and all artworks that people have the audacity to hang on the social fridge we call “THE INTERNET.”

My issue doesn’t stem from the fact that his rap skills are on par with my rap skills (which are terrible and only come out when I am drunk) — Pickle is a kid. Kids make bad rappers (exception here). Nor do I care that he is using his iSight (or whatever) to record his video. Kids don’t have money for hi-def cameras.

Pickle Davidson has made the internet more complex for me. That is my complaint. I understand it now a lot less than I used to. And explaining the internet was his whole point — his thesis. Being a kid is no excuse for muddying up what should be a simple process. He is to the age where if he is explaining how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, he shouldn’t suddenly start mentioning about “girls liking polka dots in their hair.” Look, buddy, this is THE INTERNET. We have standards here.