Dailymotion’s OpenVOD Service Lets Partners Charge For Their Video Content


While YouTube mulls over the possibility of introducing subscriptions for its most popular content, European rival Dailymotion is giving creators an option to monetize their content by letting viewers purchase episodes and live feeds.

The OpenVOD service, which was introduced in France last year to much success, lets Dailymotion partners sell their videos and also allow them to determine the price for their rentals or video sales. Partners can also charge a monthly subscription fee for their video content and select which videos will be under a paywall and which ones they want to stream for free.

Martin Rogard and Amadine Durr of Dailymotion commented on the service’s purpose to ScreenDaily.com: “OpenVOD aims to level the field of VOD. It has never been easier to sell a video, even a live one, whether on Dailymotion or any other site with the exported Dailymotion player. The business model defies competition with the payment of 70% of the net income back to the partners.”

OpenVOD is currently available in 34 countries, and Dailymotion is expanding it to more countries throughout the year. The feature is for selected Dailymotion partners at the moment, so if you want to monetize your content on OpenVOD, send an email to openvod@dailymotion.com to request access.