P’Trique of ‘Sh*t Fashion Girls Say’ on What It Means To Be A ‘Chic Freak’ [INTERVIEW]

Imagine a fashionista in your head — does a burly, rugged, bearded person come to mind? Probably not, but P’Trique is all of those things (along with being utterly fabulous), and she is one of the most talked about fashionistas on YouTube. Her first “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” video for Maker Studios’ ThePlatform fashion channel, which parodies the famous “Sh*t Girls Say” series, went viral with more than one million views. Just in time for this season’s New York Fashion Week, P’Trique is out with a new music video called “Chic Freak,” which features guest appearances by KassemG and Bobby Lee.

NMR talked with the bearded fashionista about her music video and what it means to be a “chic freak.

What are you looking forward to in this season’s New York Fashion Week?

P’Trique: It’s the feeling I get every fashion week: Fashion week marks the changing guard of trends, and like a brown caterpillar nestled in a last season cocoon, I feel like I’m about to be born anew as a jewel-toned butterfly (or pastel, or floral prints, or neutrals, or whatever the runway tells me). And, as we know, it’s all about the butterfly. I’m also excited about premiering my Lena Dunham-inspired mesh look at the VFiles party tonight.

How do you keep your beard so well-maintained?

What beard?

Tell me how you came up with the idea of “Chic Freak.” How did you prepare for the music video?

Last year was such a flurry of fashion activity that I needed to take some time off and recharge. My music re-centers my aura — since my chakras are so sensitive to textures and colors, I’m prone to them becoming misaligned. I just wanted to have everything re-calibrated again and making music does that to me. And fortunately, ThePlatform has become the place where I can safely share my passion and be seen AND heard.

What does it mean to be a “chic freak”? Is it something that comes naturally?

It means being your own spirit animal. It means embracing your inner chic. It means knowing how to craft the perfect fashion turban. It’s means being yourself. We’re all a little bit chic freaky.

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