Foreign Language Might Be Key To Increasing YouTube Views [VIDEO]

For all of you YouTubers constantly attending seminars or watching tutorials on how to expand your subscriber/viewer base, the answer might be right under your serape. If you are not wearing a serape, well then, my friend, it might be time you did.

As simple as it might seem, most YouTubers overlook the immense value of capturing foreign language markets. Instead of focusing on accessibility of content, usually they strive for an abundance of content — starting channels to focus on “special access” behind-the-scenes footage that is uninteresting or by offering the same bullshit “video review” or “gamer channel” that every clown out there does. Look, if your comedy, your politics or your commentary is smart and broad, it should translate across a wide spectrum of cultures (like “Baywatch”).

Now it might be as simple as adding foreign language subtitles (but then you are cheating out your English-only deaf crowd), but the reality is that as the country becomes more diverse, if you really want to be a top entertainer in your field, you should really adopt a second language. The smart money is in Mandarin and Spanish.

As a prime example of multicultural appeal, take this Italian-language song that someone turned into a cute/catchy animated video. The title of it, Pulcino Pio, literally translates to chirping bird (unless it doesn’t … I’ll be honest, this isn’t one of those things I’m going to look up). It’s kind of a “Nyan Cat” for the pasta crowd. This video, in its various versions and translations, has almost 100 million views. Of course, most of those views come from the song in its native tongue, but translations into English and Greek have kicked in several million views as well. Imagine your videos translated into Greek and Italian and Spanish and Mandarin — why you could become a humongous international star and bridge the gap between the murderous, barbaric East and the sweet, good-natured West.

Still don’t believe me? SMOSH, with their 7 million+ subscribers has a channel en español now. You think you’re better than SMOSH? Think again.