Freddie Wong Seems Pissed About This Whole “Harlem Shake” Craze [VIDEO]


I think we can officially say “Harlem Shake” videos have reached the red, or “caliente,” section on the fictional online trend warning system that I just created in my mind. The YouTube Trend Warning System or “TYWS” measures the heat of each YouTube sensation with a series of rigorous tests ranging from “has someone famous tried it” to “does it involve white people being delighted by a foreign man riding a ghost horse?

“Harlem Shake” videos, measured against several scientifically legitimate variables has landed a few notches below “Gangnam Style,” which currently resides in the red hot or “muy fuego” zone.

For a current example of the “Harlem Shake” pandemonium, please consult the above video starring our good pal Freddie Wong of “Video Game High School” fame and the fine folks at Node Studios.

This just in: from a team of scientists I’ve employed in Juarez, “Harlem Shake” has moved from “caliente” to — wait, I’m getting word now — yes, it’s official, “Harlem Shake” is now in the “muy caliente” zone. To infinity and beyond.

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