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I was carrying a pack of Saltine crackers when I met the internet phenomenon known as “Furious Pete.” My producers had proposed that Pete and I do an eating contest — they had assumed that since I’m a big guy, I can somehow eat a truckload of food in one sitting. I can’t. Furious Pete, on the other hand, is a professional garbage disposal. But I had an ace up my sleeve.

In my frat days, I alone could eat six Saltine crackers (with no water) in under a minute — a challenge long thought to be impossible. NOBODY could eat Saltines like me. It wasn’t just that I beat the allotted time either — I had pushed it down to where I could do it in a blistering 52 seconds. Now I was playing it coy, but if Pete wanted a food challenge (and he is known far and wide to accept all comers) I would take him to task on my home court. Maybe they know a thing or two about chugging bottles of vodka while hanging upside down or inhaling pizzas up in Pete’s native Canada, but this is Los Angeles — cracker country.

We didn’t do the challenge. As soon as Pete’s lovely girlfriend, Melissa, saw the Saltines she correctly surmised what I had in mind and was like (all nonchalant), “Oh yeah, Pete did that in 34 seconds a few years back.” Game-fucking-over.

So if you are harboring dreams of becoming a superstar professional eater, just know that Furious Pete is out there, roaming the backwoods of the Great White North like some laid-back Paul Bunyan, just eating the shit out of anything he comes across. Hell, I hear that if you say his name three times while staring at a pancake, Furious Pete might just show up and eat you …


We’ll make this a nice easy interview, nothing too crazy, nothing too serious … are you a juicer?

Furious Pete: Am I a juicer? That is probably one of the top comments I get on YouTube, “Oh this guys on ‘roids, yo!” No, I’ve never done a steroid in my life. You know what? I’m actually not against steroids; I’m not against juicing and all that stuff because it’s got its place in the industry, because I’m actually involved in the fitness industry and all that, and I know that there are bodybuilders that can’t really step on stage without that because that is their job. In my opinion, those are the only people in this world that really need to use them. I’ve been training for a very long time and slowly progressing, and seriously if I was on ‘roids and eating all the food that I eat and all the weight that I lift, I would be twice as big right now. Considering the fact that I’ve been doing competitive professional eating for the past five years, it’s just yeah … but I find it a compliment whenever anyone says I am on juice ‘cause that just means I’m doing something right.


Now where does the “Furious” come from?

Well the whole “Furious” name kind of originated by accident. Five and a half years ago I needed to upload a video to YouTube, and I needed an account and I tried my first name and my last name and then had all these random numbers after it. Then I kind of just played around with a few different names. One of my buddies used to be “Doctor Furious,” has an email of “Dr. Furious,” another one with another “Furious,” and so I tried “Furious Pete.” That was taken, then I tried “FuriousPete123” on YouTube, and lo and behold that kind of worked. And [back] then I didn’t know if that was going to be an eating name or anything; I just needed a username for YouTube. But for whatever reason, the whole furious aspect when eating just works. I don’t know — I really am furious whenever I eat. It’s the only time in my life I am furious; daily basis I’m a normal, friendly guy, but put food in front of me, you’re scared.

Alright, now you said that “FuriousPete” was taken on YouTube and you had to end up with “FuriousPete123.” You ever heard from the original FuriousPete?

No, I’ve never heard from the original FuriousPete on YouTube. I don’t think it even exists anymore, because I have a redirect on YouTube to FuriousPete, so I don’t know. Maybe someone else — I have no idea where the original FuriousPete came from.

What does your family think about all your eating stunts?

My family back in the day was definitely not happy with all of the eating I’ve been doing, ‘cause first of all they think it’s unhealthy. I have a crazy history that follows along with it, and nowadays they see the entire business aspect that goes along with it, they see all the travel opportunities that go along with it, they know my life on a daily basis, and they know that I’m just doing this because it is my job and this is what I do now, and they’ve slowly began to accept it.

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