Good News, Crazy People: You Can Now Buy A ‘Reddit Assault Rifle’ For $1150

Even in all of its weirdness the Reddit community had a long way to go before certain aspects of it got downright scary. That is until someone somewhere for some reason thought it would be a good idea to start making Reddit-themed assault rifles.


Without turning this into a pro-gun, anti-gun debate, I think we can all agree that this AR15 assault rifle customized to feature an engraving of Reddit’s alien mascot wins our coveted “What The Fuck?” item of the week award.

Listed for $1150 by Redditor  x—x–x-x, the rifle has generated a huge amount of interest from users at the subreddit /r/Gunsforsale. The last update from x—x–x-x explains, “I’ve accepted a tentative offer from an individual who can do a face-to-face transaction.” Congratulations, internet, you’ve taken your ability to bum me out to new levels.


I just can’t wrap my head around the person who shows this to his or her friends. “Hey, nice AR15 assault rifle. Pretty standard,” says the foolish friend. “Oh, standard it is anything but,” answers the owner flipping the rifle around to show the custom Reddit engraving. “Shit son!” exclaims the friend, everyone high-fiving while trying to desperately hide their automatic weapon-induced boners.

Via: Gawker

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