Google Adds New Apps To Android, Fixes YouTube Bug — All To Get You on Google+

g-apps-1So Google has been tinkering around with ways to get you hooked on their social media platform Google+. If you’re an Android user, chances are you’ve already noticed their new apps.The company has long wanted to be your one-stop shop for all things everything, even though their Google+ still struggles to achieve “cache.” According to reports, the service boasts a userbase of over 250 million users though I suspect many of them are like me and are only a “user” because it was a means to integrate several of their other technologies. But that doesn’t stop the lil’ company that could from trying.Enhancements for the Android line include making their YouTube app more powerful (= quicker loads) and incorporating a TV “remote” option into their Google Play store (when used through Xbox Live or Playstation, the app syncs your television playback functions to your phone), also pushing more Google+ integration into their features (they’ll eventually get you too).

Additionally, Google has finally fixed a bug that was nagging their YouTube service on the Androids — initially, users were not able to play YouTube in full screen mode despite there being an option for it. Hmm, maybe Google needs to consider the adage, “Why make 31 flavors when you can’t even get vanilla right?”

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