‘Google Glass’ Video Gives First Look At Functions Of Reality-Altering Glasses


Got $1500 to spare? Well I’ve got the perfect investment for you! No I’m not talking about starting our own pot dealing ring, though if my rent continues to go up I might take you up on that, but rather Google Glass, a reality-altering pair of glasses that will transform you from a mere mortal to a terminator.

Google released a video today showing the interactive functions and apps incorporated in Google Glass, a set of clear lenses that respond to the wearer’s voice commands. After putting the glasses on, users activate the glasses with the simple command “Ok Glass…” followed by instructions to text, record videos, search online or google hangout with friends. Google is currently asking for volunteers to purchase and begin testing the product.


But before you sign up, I have a few concerns. While I don’t doubt that Google has fixed all the glitches on the technology side, there are many glasses demolishing accidents that can’t be prevented such as getting hit in the face by a dodgeball or dropping your glasses off a balcony. As a girl who wears glasses I can’t even count the number of times I dropped/ sat on my spectacles that are nowhere close to being $1500. Quite the investment for something that might get crushed between the seat cushions of your couch.

In it’s favor, Google Glass is allowing you to capture life’s little moments without lifting a finger. Sure, you’ll be known at the park as that guy always wearing chemistry goggles who talks to himself, but little do they know, you’re actually in a Google hangout with the president! So screw them! Just watch out for flying handballs and you should be in the clear.

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