Google’s ‘Send to TV’ Feature Allows You To Connect Your iOS Systems to Your TV

Google announced today that they have created an automatic ‘Send to TV’ feature that will connect your iOS 6 systems to Google+ televisions. This feature will allow users to view videos on their Google television sets that they have uploaded and added using their iPhone, iPad and Ipod Touch. The feature is a part of the latest version of the YouTube app. When your phone is turning into a remote control, and you’re viewing internet content on your television, dare I say — the future is here, kids!

Google originally introduced this feature three months ago for Android systems as a way to compete with Apple TV — which actually isn’t much of a competition at all since Apple TV isn’t particularly popular or beloved by anyone. This new ‘Send to TV’ feature will now allow you the pleasure of watching your best friend’s embarrassing elementary school talent show on the big screen or catch up on your favorite online series as though they were a regular TV show. Cable networks better watch their backs — this feature could be the end of them.

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