‘Harlem Shake’ Gets A Norwegian Army Edition [VIDEO]



Okay, people, the “Harlem Shake” is hitting critical mass.

Fans of the “people doin’ stuff” phenomenon are in for a treat as it appears the Norwegian Army has gotten involved with their own take on the latest internet craze. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some Filipino prisoners doing their version pretty soon now.

We’ve entered into a troublesome era of humanity lately, and my generation and the internet are completely at fault. Generation Y, with our somehow unhinged NEED to believe in magic and fantasy (we ate up the Disneyland mythos harder than any other generation before us, it seems) has resulted in this bizarre “happenings” existence. We believe in the divine right of fame and reward for minimal effort and we firmly believe that should we spontaneously decide to break into song, everyone else should know the words and the moves.

Now every time somebody does something, we all have to put our own stamp on it. I don’t try to be bitter, I really don’t (remember I am part of “Generation Whimsy” too), it’s just that I tend to look at the endgame a bit harder than most of my peer group. What happens when we wear out spontaneity and pure, unadulterated fun? Pretty soon the anger will set in. And then, after that, the Mole People will rise to supreme power.

I propose a “2 parody” limit on good fads. First videos submitted get the glory. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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