‘Harlem Shake Grandma’ is a Watershed Moment For Meme [VIDEO]



In the life of every meme there is a “will it or won’t it” moment that determines whether the burgeoning fad becomes “next level” or if it drowns like a rat in a shithouse. As far as I am concerned, this bitch has legs and this is the video that proves it.

The formula for a good “Harlem Shake” video is now established — you don’t need some damn helmet like earlier videos featured, you just need that song (“Harlem Shake” by Baauer) and a few good people. Ideally, one of them is dancing all by their lonesome as “casual people seem uninterested in the background.” But the second you hit that breakbeat, BAM! everybody in the video be dancing. And because of this evolved formula, you get excited with anticipation for that moment, which excites you for the meme at large.

It reminds me of the infancy of “Gangnam Style” when you would just live for the moment when the music would cut out and then PSY hit you with “Oppa Gangnam Style.” Whooooo!

The vibe of the two old ladies and a young dude dancing up a storm in this vid are so infectious that I predict it will indoctrinate the meme beyond the scope of the internet and into households the way that “Call Me Maybe” did. And pretty soon, if it does, the angle of my articles will shift towards how much I hate this fucking song. But for now, it’s all good.

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